Terms & Conditions – Car Rental

By completing the booking form you agree to accept the terms and conditions

  1. Mandatory with a valid Malaysian or International driving license. Provisional driving license is prohibited.
  2. Age of acceptance 23 till 65 years of age.
  3. Rates stated are in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
  4. Exclude 6% Goods & Services Tax and Handling Charges, if any.
  5. Inclusive of a full tank of unleaded petrol upon check out and hirer to return full tank. Additional service charge apply, excluding the actual petrol top-up, should the vehicle return without a full tank of petrol.
  6. Accident and damages arising from the hirer’s negligence, a non-waiverable Excess Liability fee (excluding activation of airbag cost) applies.
    Group A till Group B       RM 900.00
    Group C till Group D      RM 1200.00
    Group E till Group G      RM1500.00
    This excess amount is swiped against hirer’s c/card as precaution / security deposit.
  7. To be driven on metallic or tarred road only.
  8. Renter is responsible for safe-keeping of the car entrusted to him i.e. by locking the doors, parking in safe areas, etc.
  9. Unauthorized driver(s) is/are prohibited.
  10. Replacement of vehicle in the event of breakdown, however may not be of the same model
  11. All pick-up and drop-off will be via Penang International Airport. Delivery/collection charges is applicable for delivery/collection at/from the hotel. Advance arrangement is required.
  12. In the event of break-down or accident, hirer to contact New Bob or appointed Automobile Auto-Assist Malaysia (AAM). The car or the car key must never be given to any unauthorised personnel or two truck company.

Item not included in the Excess Liability.

  1. Damages to Tyres and Windscreen.
  2. Accidents and damages arising out of speeding, drunk driving, drugs related drowsiness, fatiqued, violence act (fights). Repair cost to Third Party will not be covered under this condition.
  3. Personal items in car, car-keys or damaged car accessories.
  4. All Parking and Traffic summonses are the responsibility of the hirer.
  5. Airbag, activation as a result of an accident directly or indirectly cause by hirer’s negligence will not be covered.

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